Zombies Everywhere (Even on TV)

You’re a Zombie, he’s a Zombie, and she’s a Zombie. Everywhere I look these days, that’s all I see. A bunch of stumbling Zombies!

When I walk down the street I see bus drivers, sales clerks, vendors, barbers, teachers, and I think to myself, “They’re all Zombies!” The ways they shuffle around, with their eyes glazed over, laboring throughout the day unhappily.

I don’t see the world as I used to. I rarely see a person working and think; “they seem to enjoy their job, good for them.”

That’s how it used to be. Not anymore. Now when I see people working, I think

“What are they doing?”

“Why the hell have they settled for being where they are at present?”

“Why is everyone NOT chasing their dream?”

“Why are most people afraid to tell others what their dreams really are?”

Is it because they are afraid of how people would react? How people, most unknowingly, only doubt another person’s dream because they doubt their own ability to achieve success? Or, because they are afraid of rejection, ridicule, of stepping outside of their own self-made comfort zone?

It has to be one, some, or all of those reasons. Think about that! Worrying that someone won’t approve of your dream is like worrying that someone won’t approve of your favorite pizza topping! Who gives a shit! It’s your DREAM! It’s your PIZZA! Live it! Enjoy It!

I mean really, what child dreams of becoming a cashier, a bus driver, a janitor, a factory worker? What child dreams of becoming the mule that helps others achieve their dreams and thinks to themselves, “I want to earn a carrot.”


But yet every day when I walk around, all I see are Zombies, driving buses, working at Wal-Mart, picking up someone else’s trash and the sad thing is, none of them seem to know it! They all go about their day, some of them unfazed, some of them frustrated, some of them not even realizing that they’re alive. And who’s to blame for that?

They are!

They let it happen. They let the world and all its conventional wisdom beat them into the box that they are presently living. Not a single other person is to blame for the way they are living now. Not a single other person is to blame for the way you are living now. But yet most, if not all, blame others and make excuses for their circumstances.

I used to be the exact same way. I used to blame everyone under the sun for the way my life was going.  These following statements were true for me when I was a Zombie.

“I have a shitty job, it’s my bosses fault.”

“I had a bad day at work, it was my co-workers fault.”

“I can’t find a better job, it’s the economy’s fault.”

“I can’t do anything with my college degree, its society’s fault.”

“I can’t pay my bills on time; it’s the credit card company’s fault.”

I know that a lot of you who are unhappy with your present situation think the same way. Even if most of you are shaking your heads “No”; you can’t deny that these thoughts have crossed your mind once in a while in response to a bad situation. But the truth of the matter is that no one is to blame but yourself for your present condition.

Maybe those of you who were shaking your head “No” weren’t lying; hell I guess some people don’t blame anyone. But are you entirely content with the idea of working for someone else for the next 20, 30, 40 years? Retiring and hoping to have enough money to live for the last ten to fifteen years of your life? Did you childhood dreams consist of following all of the cookie cutter plans set up for you as you entered adulthood? I am well aware that I may be pushing your buttons or ruffling up some feathers but as the famous philosopher Socrates put it;

An unexamined life is not worth living”.

So I encourage you to take a look around and use the lens that I am providing. Watch the Zombies on TV as they huddle from one place to the next and see how similar they are to the people in your life. They also aimlessly change seats between job and home, again and again working for just enough to get by.

Hell a job only means being Just Over Broke!

Maybe some of these Zombies think that they can climb the Corporate Ladder. Silly Zombie, everyone knows Zombies can’t climb! They all just huddle around the bottom of the ladder, pushing, groaning, pulling each other down and because of this; no Zombie ever makes it up the ladder. They never do. They never will.

And what about the one’s that do make it up the ladder?

Well, you see they’re not Zombies. They’re the ones that see all the other Zombies at the bottom of the ladder. They’re the ones that chose not to follow everyone else to the ladder. They didn’t quite follow the cookie cutter blue print set out for them. They’re the ones that Zombies groan about. They’re the ones that realize they themselves are the ladder. They’re the ones that made their own ladder.

So ask yourself something, “Do you want to climb the ladder?”

Or, “Do you want to own the ladder?”

Start with those questions and see where it takes you. Give it some serious thought. I promise you’ll start seeing the world differently.



2 responses to “Zombies Everywhere (Even on TV)

  1. I think this is an excellent metaphor. There is so much wealth and abundance out there, but only those who snap out of their cushioned, zombie like mentality will enjoy it. By working a little extra harder and putting your head down a little extra longer can you come to self awareness and have the ability to change your reality. Keep the posts coming! A little dose of tough love advice always helps to stay on track.

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