About The Author (a little intro)

Hello everyone, I thought it might be time to write a blog about me and why I am blogging. Well, here it goes. I hope you find something useful in it.

Let’s start with the obvious. My name is William J Osmanski, although I preferred to be called Bill. I have been call, Bill, all my life and still don’t know why it’s short for William. I’m 34 years old and have been living pay-check to pay-check for all of my working life and that, my friends, is a pretty stressful way to live.

I am currently living and working in South Korea teaching English. This country has been great to me. I have done a lot here. I have met a lot of interesting people and the love of my life, Neda Marin. However, it’s time to go home and start the next chapter.

Only in the last few months have I begun to feel alive. I have been reading self-help books and studying online marketing. I feel as though I now have a goal and vision to pursue in life, as to before, I was just slogging through the mundane day to day requirements just to get by.

I have this vision of living the rest of my life as wide awake as I feel right now and in the process helping those I love and care about to wake-up too. You see I believe that everyone has a dream and only a very small few in this world are pursuing that dream. I believe that is a sad fact. I believe that everyone should pursue their dreams not matter what seems to stand in their way. I believe that if everyone focused on their dreams the world would be a much, much happier and safer place to live. I believe everyone can achieve their dreams and the people who say, “They can’t” are only talking about themselves.

I call people that don’t realize they are a live “Zombies.” I thought of this when I was taking the bus home from work one night and literally everyone on the bus looked like they were staring at something 1000 yards away. I started thinking, “How depressing is this?” the next several times I rode the bus I noticed the same thing over and over, again and again. I started thinking, “This isn’t right. This isn’t what life is supposed to be like for the majority of people in this world.” It is though. So blogging, being positive, and influencing the ones I love and care about is what I am going to do to help wake-up those around me.

Hopefully, the ones I wake-up will wake-up others and it will spread and spread and spread. This is all I have control over. So, this is all I will attempt to do.

In my effort to reach as many people as I can and serve as an example of how to change your life, I have started a few blogs to give tips and record what will surely be an interesting journey. Come join the team and learn how to start Slaying Zombies!

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