Are You a Zombie?

          Discovering that you are a Zombie is usually not something you purposefully set out to achieve.

You see, Zombies, do not usually possess self-awareness. They are just there. They cannot realize, without external triggers, the true state and nature of their lives.

          The usual path to awareness unfortunately involves either a traumatic experience or hitting rock bottom in the midst of a financial disaster or personal crisis.

          For me, it happened when I realized that working in South Korea, half way around the world from my family, would be the most sensible financial option I had. Now, I know this does not sound like a traumatic experience, but let me tell you why it caused me to discover I was, in fact, a Zombie!

          A year prior to my present situation, my fiancée and I decided to move to South Korea to teach English. The plan was to save money for a year and then move back to either Canada or the States. Times are tough for most people in North America, and South Korea is a gold mine for University graduates looking to earn some work experience and save some cash.

Along the way though, we lost track of our goals and failed to reach the amount necessary to move back home. The snowball effect of little expenses adding up along the way and an inability to stick to our financial plan led to a sad realization that we were not able to save enough money to start a life in North America.  In fact, I didn’t even come close! This failure led me to believe that the only two options I had were:

a)    move back home and live with my parents (at the tender age of 34)


b)   stay in South Korea for one more year and refocus my goals and then move home.

Neither option was pleasant. Both would cause me to be separated from my fiancée and both were something that I did not want.

          So I started thinking;

 “If this is my life, why am I not in control of it?”

“What have I been doing that has not been working all these years?”

“What is making me stay here in Korea?”

“What can I do to change the way things are in my life?”

          These are questions that we all have. Most, if not all of you reading this have similar questions about your life that you want answered. If you are looking for the answers, congratulations! You are on the path to discovering your way out.

If you don’t have these questions, and you’re neither happy nor unhappy about your life, you may in fact be a Zombie!

          Think about that for a moment.

          You once had a dream of being something when you were a child. Somewhere along the way, you started believing your dream was unattainable. This was the point at which you started the slow transition to a life unlived as a Zombie. You conformed, you did what others expected of you, you cared about what others thought, you made choices that were influenced by the negativity of others, you lost control of the things you wanted to do and how you wanted to live. And like the millions out there that are slogging through life, you accepted this outcome.

          You rationalized your situation with phrases like:

·        I can’t…

·        I have to…

·        What’s the point?

·        Why should I…?

·        That’s just the way it is.

·        That’s impossible.

·        That can’t be done.

·        It’s a scam.

·        This/That or He/She makes me so angry.

You find comfort in these rationalizations. You hear others use these same phrases to describe their situation. You congregate with them because there is comfort in numbers. Knowing you’re not alone is comforting. Evening when the people you are associating with are not alive. You share similar habits with these people and you quickly forget that there are other ways to live. You do this over and over and over and you slip so far into being a Zombie that you don’t even take pleasure in what you do any more, but you do it anyway.

If you do any, some, or most of the things mentioned in this post, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Focus on the following question and think deeply about them.

A.   Am I responsible for my circumstances?

B.    Do I have the ability to change my circumstances?

C.    Do I have the ability to achieve my dreams?

D.   Is there purpose in my life?

        The answer to all of these questions is YES. If you do not understand or believe that the answer is yes, I suggest clicking on the link below and listening to this audio:

Earl Nightingale: The Strangest Secret

          This is where I got started. Listen to it. Keep an open mind and let it sink in!

Life works when you make it work,

-Bill Osmanski


One response to “Are You a Zombie?

  1. This article is a great source of inspiration! Unfortunately, I agree that most people, including myself, have these mental attitudes. It takes a lot of time and effort to stay true to oneself and not get pulled down into the grind.
    Interestingly, the brain is a muscle and if you train it to think positively and react positively, then those neurons will be stronger and you will be more prone to happiness and have a brighter outlook on life. Listening to Earl Nightingale is a great place to start! I also loved The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
    Keep the posts coming!

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